Our privacy policy:

As human beings, we have grown extremely concerned by the massive personal data collection operations that several big information technologies companies are engaging in. This data collection applies not only to people who use their services, but also to people who do not use them.

This vast amount of personal data has already been misused by the companies that collect it, and by the companies they sell it to.

It will be misused again, with sinister consequences to be expected.

For this reason, as a company, we do not want to have anything to do with the business of collecting and selling personal data.

With this in mind, our privacy policy is extremely simple: this app collects absolutely NO personal information.

We list the following points not in the hope of drowning you in an endless reading or to sneak in backdoors that would allow us to do the opposite of what we announce. These points should simply give you a better idea of what we are doing in order to avoid collecting data about you:

- We have NO customer or user list. Apple does not communicate this information to us, and we do not try to obtain it.

- The app has NO access and does not ask access to any personal data (contacts, agenda, location...). If the app tried to get access to any of this, your device would tell you.

- The only information the app has access to is the chess settings you are using and the games you play. NONE of this information is transmitted, in any form, to anyone, not even to us. What you do in the app stays in the app.

If you contact us by email:

- Your email address is used to answer you, and for nothing else. We never send any unsolicited email.

- Your email address will never be shared with any third party. We treat it as a confidential information.

- Any email we have received from you will be deleted after three months at the latest (this includes your email address).

- If you contact us with the "Report a problem or send a suggestion" option, your message contains information about your device (model, iOS version...) in plain text. This information is used to understand your problem and answer your question, and for no other purpose. You can, if you wish, erase this information before you send the message. If you leave it in, this information will be deleted when your emails are deleted (see previous paragraph).

- You can at any time contact us and ask for any email or information we have received from you to be deleted, and we will honor your request immediately.