Can I save my collections to a PC/Mac?

Yes, if you are using Chess Tiger Pro!

A "game collection" is a file that contains one or several chess games. The file name ends with ".pgn", which means "Portable Game Notation". PGN files are standard, and can be used by most chess apps or programs.

Our chess app saves games in standard PGN files.

Here is how you can save your games collections to your computer:

1. Connect your device to your computer with a cable.

2. If you have a Mac and are using a recent version of macOS, open Finder and click on your iOS device's name (it should appear on the left pane in Finder). Then click on "Files" (located in the right pane), and finally on "Chess Tiger Pro". Now go directly to step 6.

If you are using an older version of macOS or you are on a Windows PC, launch iTunes if it's not already launched, then proceed to step 3.

3. In iTunes, go to your device's page:

iTunes                      device page

4. Click on "Apps", as shown above. Now in the center you can see a list of all your apps. Below this list, there is a section called "File sharing". You may have to scroll down to see it.
iTunes File sharing section

5. In the apps list under "File sharing", you will find Chess Pro. Click on it.
iTunes app's Document

6. Now on the right side you can see the app's files, as shown above. These files are inside your iOS device. "My games.pgn" is the default games collection, but you may have more.

7. To save your games collections from your device to your computer, drag ALL the files ending in ".pgn" from Finder or iTunes to your computer's desktop (or to any folder). This creates a copy of the files on your computer: the content of the app is unchanged. You don't need to, and actually shouldn't, copy the other files. Copy only the files ending in ".pgn".

8. You can then disconnect your device from your computer.