How can I try variations in a game?

By default variations are not enabled because less advanced users find them confusing. So the first thing to do is to check that you have enabled the variations in the Settings page.

When it is turned on, manually playing a move that is different from the move already entered will create a new variation on top of the current game. Several variations can be stacked up.

The app informs you when you create a new variation, unless you have asked not to be reminded again. So now you should, in the Settings, reactivate all information boxes to make sure you see the messages (at least until you get used to managing the variations).

You go back to the main game (or you undo your most recent variation) by using a special button that appears at the top of the Moves menu.

The variations do not appear in the move list, which is maybe confusing. But there is not enough room on the screen anyway. So in practice a variation is more like a new game created on top of your current one, which allows you to try another line of play. In the move list you only see this most recent line and you do not see the original game anymore. When you have explored this line, you remove the variation by using the button in the Moves menu and you are back to the original game.