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Chess Tiger is one of the strongest chess programs in the world. It has been rated as the world's strongest chess program TWICE.
Now it is available for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.

Chess Tiger is a state of the art chess program designed for all players, from beginners to masters, featuring a chess rules book, a teacher mode, 28 trainer levels, graphical coaching and analyzing modes, a world class chess engine and much more…

Chess Tiger is both a partner and an opponent able to adapt to your strength and help you to improve your chess... Everywhere!

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Here is an overview of Chess Tiger's features:

For beginners:

  • The rules of chess are included and easily accessible for reference.

  • Just tap on a piece and the program shows you its legal moves.

  • 50 trainer levels of increasing difficulty designed to improve your chess skills are provided.

  • The chess engine is of very high quality, the guarantee to learn from a good professor.

  • Naturally Chess Tiger knows and applies perfectly all the official rules of chess.

  • Chess Tiger can play with you and suggest up to 4 excellent moves. You decide which one to play depending on your own style. Or you can just play any other move you like!

For experts:
  • Both USCF and FIDE rating scales are supported.

  • Chess Tiger is currently one of the strongest chess engines for mobile devices: it is optimized for 32 bits mobile processors.

  • On recent devices it reaches a level close to 2900 elo (world champion)!

  • Chess Tiger has been ranked twice as the number one chess engine on the SSDF list (the worldwide recognized and independent computer's rating list).

  • Chess Tiger running on a modest PIII-866MHz PC has achieved an historical Grand Master Norm in Argentina back in July 2001 during an official tournament, beating one International Master and four Grand Masters in a row, resulting in the astounding performance of 2788 Elo!!!

  • You can save your games in collections and replay them later.

  • You can exchange games with your friends very easily by email (both for sending and receiving).

  • You can set up any position.

  • The chess engine displays its thinking, up to 20 plies ahead.

  • You can analyze a game by replaying it. Chess Tiger tells you when a bad move has been played by coloring it in red, and show you the good ones in green.

  • Chess Tiger supports variations and allows you to test "What if..." scenarios without erasing your current game.


Other features include:

  • High Definition graphics on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

  • 12 gorgeous predefined visual themes that you can also customize.

  • 7 chess pieces sets.

  • 13 board styles.

  • "Reload last game" allows you to retrieve the most recent game, even if you have forgotten to save it.

  • 4 different playing styles, ranging from the quiet to suicidal, which you can apply to all the levels.

  • Includes an opening book of more than one million moves. And it can be turned off.

  • Many customization options (graphics, sounds, engine output…).


What people say about Chess Tiger:

"It’s easily the best chess program on the Palm OS."
- Handheld Computing

"By far and away the best chess program for Palm..."
- David Dunbar, Chess guide for About.com

"The most powerful and flexible chess program offered
for Palm PDAs is Chess Tiger for the Palm."
- Chris Kantack's LCD Chess Information Site

"I have purchased and installed chess tiger on my Sony Clie UX-50.  It is an awesome product."
-- Bob (San Diego, CA, USA)

"Thanks very much. Chess Tiger is a great program :)"
-- Peter (Christchurch, New Zealand)

"I purchased Chess Tiger and love it"
-- Jim (Easton, PA, USA)

"Thanks for a great program, you've done a really good job. Thanks again and keep up with good work!"
-- Marek (London, United Kingdom)

"I love your chess program!!"
-- Tim (Baltimore, MD, USA)

"Hi there, am really enjoying using Chess tiger"
-- Steve (Melbourne, Australia)

"I recently purchased Chess Tiger for my palm tungsten E. Great program :)"
-- Yoram (Forest Hills, NY, USA)

"I downloaded the new version 15.1 for my palm a few weeks ago (I'm a registered user). Congratulations - the new set of pieces is brilliant and I like the whole program a lot"
-- Tobias (Kleinmachnow, Germany)

"About 9 months ago I changed jobs and lifestyle. I sold my Palm and all my Palm software with it, including my license to Chess Tiger. Much time passed, and after a while I realized that I missed having my little pocket chess program with me everywhere I go! So the other week I decided to buy another PDA. The sole reason for making the purchase was so that I could bring Chess Tiger with me everywhere I go! Now I am happy again, as I have a new Tungsten E with the latest version of Chess Tiger on it, and I can bring it with me wherever I go. I can get a quick game in at the coffee shop or on the road. Chess Tiger continues to be the best electronic game of chess out there. Keep up the good work!"
-- Nate (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

"I have handed over my Palm/Chesstiger to my 10-year-old Thomas. He plays day-in-day-out!"
-- Hans (Belp, CH)

"Anyway chesstiger is the best chess program I've seen and I'm glad I ran across it. It's much better than a physical electronic board."
-- Robert (USA)

"I am a lover of chess and I like the ChessTiger very much"
-- Surya (India)

"Have played Chess Tiger and love it"
-- Ray (Cherry Hill, NJ, USA)

"I've bought Chess Tiger and I'm really happy I did."
-- Gilles (Rimouski, Quebec)

"Chesstiger is great!"
-- Glen (Des Plaines, IL, USA)

"Your software is fantastic !"
-- Michel (Saint Malo, France)

"I love the Chesstiger program for my handheld"
-- Harold (Thompson, MB, Canada)

"Thank YOU! It works great... This is truly a great program!"
-- Elmar (Middle Village, NY, USA)

"Your software is really great. I already had bought a chess game for my palm but yours is miles better."
-- John (Barcelona, Spain)

"Chess Tiger is really very good."
-- Jean-Marie (Havelange, Belgium)

"I got chess tiger with my Palm Tungsten E, it is fantastic."
-- Juan (Naucalpan, Mexico)

"I am definitely VERY happy with Chess Tiger."
-- Wayne (USA)

"Awesome program. I just bought a Novag Star Sapphire handheld and it was HORRIBLE in the visibility, graphics and ease of use department. Had to return it right away. $230. Got a Palm Vx for free (someone was throwing it away) and put Chess Tiger on it. Palm + Chess Tiger is the ONLY way to go. Love it!!"
-- David (Eden Prairie, MN, USA)

"Hi ingenious people at Chess Tiger. What a great piece of software Chess Tiger is!"
-- Paul (St John's, NF, Canada)

"I have been using Chess Tiger on a Palm M130 for about a year now. I really like it a lot and usually find time while working (I'm a teacher) to get in a game or two. I play on it's trainer levels to give me a chance to beat it."
-- Scott (Palm City, FL, USA)

"Hi... Just bought your ChessTiger program for my Palm Tungsten-T3. Excellent!"
-- Andrew (Roslyn, NY, USA)

"Thanks for a great program!"
-- David (Huddersfield, United Kingdom)

"Just bought Chess Tiger and love it!"
-- Christopher (New York, NY, USA)

"Chess Tiger was the reason I chose to buy a Palm OS handheld."
-- Ian (Long Valley, NJ, USA)

"Chess Tiger is exactly what I've been looking for. It is easily worth double what you're charging!"
-- Bob (Haltom City, TX, USA)

"Hi, thanks for the great chess software that has given me many great hours of playing, and has helped me slowly develop my chess game (I'm at trainer level 7 when playing white and 6 when playing black now)."
-- Tien (Arlington Heights, IL, US)

"As a registered user, I love this app, and its wide range of compatibility with all Palms."
-- Sumeet

"You guys are the best!"
-- Frank (Oslo, Norway)

"I recently registered Chess Tiger 15.1 for the Palm OS. An I can tell you, I love it. it plays strong chess and I am thankful for the trainer levels."
-- Wybren (Oosterhesselen, The Netherlands)

"I want to thank you for creating a very nice product."
-- Justin

"Chesstiger is definitely the best chess programm available for PDAs."
-- Axel (Germany)

"I'm impressed with the product and your support."
-- John (Southampton, United Kingdom)

"I have bought ChessTiger for Palm and it's a wonderful program. Congratulations!"
-- Tiago (Aracaju, Brazil)

"Thanks! Your program is one of the best arguments for owning a Palm!"
-- John (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

"On a side note, I've recently purchased a T2 (from my old M500) and the game is just so beautiful now. The developers did a great job making the most of the color."
-- Brian (Atlanta, GA, USA)

"I have bought Chess Tiger (through Handango) and I think it is a terrific software, even better than other softwares that I have tried on my desktop."
-- Filippo (Raleigh, NC, USA)

"I want to thank you all, first for developing such a powerful engine, and nice interface; and second, for beign a truly serious enterprise, at first I wasn't sure you would help me out, but you did!  And I'm very glad to be one of your proud customers, keep up the good work and thanx for making my night shifts less painful again!!!"
-- Eduardo (Quito, EC)

"I think Chess Tiger is awesome! It's my favorite chess program and the first game I put on my new Zire 71."
-- Mike (Muncie, IN, USA)

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